Zeitwinkel 273 watch

Zeitwinkel is a Swiss independent watch company that manufactures its own watch movements and houses them in distinctive, elegant timepieces. A Zeitwinkel watch is imbued with a wonderful timeless quality conferring a lifetime of ownership delight and tastefully sidestepping obsolescence through thoughtful design.

The company, based in St.Imier, Switzerland established its own manufacture from the outset, crafting watches with matchless movements. The unusual name of the brand, roughly translated as ‘Time Angle’ refers to the relationship between the relative position of the sun and time.

Throughout its history, the brand has specialised in two-handed models and, in particular, large date timepieces. In its latest incarnation, the 273° model is presented with an eye-catching smoked sapphire crystal dial, affording a wonderful insight into the workings of the date display and power-reserve indicator.

With its extensive array of graceful timepieces, Zeitwinkel continues to impress with its unique perspective on the portrayal of time.