The Watchmakers Club Unveils Andreas Strehler’s Stunning New Movement

The Watchmakers Club Unveils Andreas Strehler’s New Transaxle Movement

Andreas Strehler transaxle watch movement

We’re sure you’re already fed up with the reams of pre-Basel cryptic hints and shrouded allusions. Bear with us; this is something that you really should be getting excited about as yet again, master watchmaker Andreas Strehler has developed a stunning new movement in time for Baselworld 2018.

We are under a strict embargo right now but we are allowed to tell you that this upcoming, groundbreaking transaxle calibre will include a couple of very special features, one of which can be viewed from the underside of the movement (image above).

We can’t tell you much but we can tell you that the clue is in the title.

The movement also utilises a very special bearing which is employed on Strehler’s remontoir d’égalité – the constant force escapement.

Powering a brand new timepiece, which will be on show for the first at Baselworld, you can rest assured that we will keep you updated with the latest images live from the event.


Join Andreas Strehler at Les Ateliers, Hall 1.1. Stand L 12 – UhrTeil AG.