Video – Michael Clerizo Discovered The Clock Shop And It’s Friendly Owner Dave Welch In The US City Of city of Vergennes

Michael Clerizo Discovered The Clock Shop And It’s Friendly Owner Dave Welch In The US City Of city of Vergennes.


Our friend Michael Clerizo, during a stay in Vermont a few years ago, often enjoyed long drives in that largely rural state.  One day while moseying through the small town of Vergennes he saw a sign hanging from the porch roof of a wooden clapboard building on the corner of Main and Green Street it read: “The Clock Shop, Buy Some Time From Us”.

Anyone who knows Michael knows that curiosity is one of his dominant characteristics. The Clock Shop sign intrigued him so he parked his car and in he went. The result was immediate enchantment.  “The place was an Aladdin’s cave of clocks and clock parts, books, old record albums and lots of other antiques.  There was even a huge wooden fish hanging from the ceiling.”

At first Michael wanted to write about the place and its engaging owner Dave Welch but changed his mind.  “The shop was so visually enticing and Dave is such a friendly, outgoing guy that I decided to try something else.”

Michael called the film school at the nearby University of Vermont and secured the services of a camera operator.  A few days later Michael and the camera operator were back in Vergennes.

“Dave was totally agreeable with the idea of a short film about him and his shop.  We went in without any planning or script.  I was not even certain what questions I would ask Dave when we started.  I always plan my print interviews so this was a big change for me.”

Being an upfront guy Michael admits that maybe his impromptu approach was a mistake.  “I should have thought about what we were doing and what I wanted to achieve and I should have kept a list of what we did shoot while we were there.  When I got back to London and started looking at the raw footage I realised that my complete lack of planning and organisation would mean looking at everything several times and coming up with some ideas about how to put together shots so that they made some sense.  I am still not sure I succeeded.”

Michael also points out that because the videoing was done a few years ago the image quality may not be what we are accustomed to today.

Despite his shortcomings Michael does day he will be making more such documentaries in the future.  “People who do what Dave does are the almost invisible infrastructure of the clock and watch industry and they are all over the world.  They work everyday to bring old clocks and watches back to life and keep them working.  We forget about these people because of all the hoopla about the latest releases from big brands and the sky-high auction prices we are seeing.”

While Michael’s self-deprecating remarks may be accurate (who are we to disagree) The Clock Shop does possess a certain artless charm and Dave Welch is interesting and informative as he talks about his craft and conducts a tour of the clocks in his shop.  And, the wooden fish hanging from the ceiling is explained.

If Michael continues with documentary making – and we think he should – there is no telling what he will do next.

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