Vault v1 bespoke gold watch from Vault Swiss

Vault Swiss redefine how time is displayed. The company’s unique, inaugural watch, the V1, features an innovative display. Indeed, the V1 timepiece, developed in collaboration with movement specialist Andreas Strehler, proclaims time differently each occasion the watch is set.

The ingenious movement mechanism can be seen via the open-worked dial. Resembling a bank vault, the suitably named watch, reveals a series of cogs and wheels which collaborate to display time on a fascinating sapphire crystal hour track.

Beyond its neoteric design, the V1 embraces traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and is imbued with flawless finishing.
The mind-blowing design of the Vault V1 was penned by Laurent Auberson, working in collaboration with founders Mark Schwarz and Philippe Schmid.

The Vault team are proud of their Swiss origins and were keen to uphold the nation’s reputation for craftsmanship, reliability and innovation, traits which are manifest with the first timepiece from the company, the V1.