The Watchmakers Club’s Soaring Summer Success

The Watchmakers Club’s Soaring Summer Success

The Watchmakers Club summer event in London

Well, we did it. In case you didn’t notice us trending across the horological social sphere, the Watchmaker’s Club Evening summer spectacular was a success – and a hell of a one at that!

Set across the two floors of Unit 6 on Covent Garden’s Langley Street, guests started arriving at 3pm and didn’t leave until they were kicked out at 10.30. Given that over 200 people came through the doors, that’s a busy few hours for everyone involved.



As ever the event was defined by the signature Watchmaker’s Club formula of independent brands, one-on-one time with the guys behind them and some fantastic timepieces to coo over. It’s the reason the event exists in the first place, so don’t expect that to change any time soon; it’s what sets the Watchmakers Club apart.

It meant that every collector that came through the doors, wherever they were from, could feel at home almost instantly. There were only ever one or two people from each brand, and all were more than willing to hand over their watches to a fellow enthusiast.

Czapek Geneve at the Watchmakers Club watch collectors event in London

Meistersinger at the Watchmakers Club event

As for the watches in question, there were some serious technical marvels Armin Strom brought their Pure Resonance to the UK for the first time, a more classical version of their incredible harmonic resonance concept; Louis Moinet showed off their latest Sideralis Double Tourbillon and Cyrus their vertical skeleton tourbillon. Though if you happened to like that last one, you might be out of luck. It’s limited to just 5 pieces.

For a bit of colour there was Schwarz Etienne with their eye-catching Ode to the 70s, incredibly bright and impossible to miss. GoS stuck to one colour per dial with their Sarek Glacier and Sunset models, though their highlight was the shiny, new and fully-engraved Sarek Trollius. If you already like their Damascus steel dials, that’s one to look out for.

Garrick Watchmakers at the Watchmakers Club event

Moritz Grossman, in particular, had an impressive showing. Not only was the Glashutte-based watchmaker there with their new Cornerstone and GMT pieces, but were celebrating their swinging mass-equipped Hammer Auto.

And then there was the International Watch Seminar which, despite exhibiting for the first time, drew one of the most consistent crowds across the afternoon and evening. Mind you, it’s understandable. Who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty? Well, dirty-ish.

International Watch Seminar at the Watchmakers Club event

With a grand total of 18 brands it might have seems liked a lot to take in, had the space not been so perfect for purpose, and I don’t just mean in size. For once at a watch event, the light wasn’t awful! You barely needed the light boxes dotted around – though for the Instagram perfectionists I’m sure that little touch was much appreciated. Perhaps not as appreciated however as the booze which, along with the informal atmosphere of the Watchmaker’s Club, kept the conversation flowing. Wine: ever the conversationalist.

GoS watches at the Watchmakers Club

This was by far the biggest event the Watchmaker’s Club has done to date but don’t worry: it will remain the biggest. We’re not trying to compete with any other events out there and we’re happy doing out own thing, a thing which seems to be working.

We will always keep things intimate, approachable and informal and, in November, will be heading back to a smaller-scale affair. We’ll be sharing more details when we have them but for now rest assured, it’ll be as bloody fantastic as ever.

Just remember: next time we say tickets are limited, we mean it.

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