The Watchmaker’s Club Event Gets an Upgrade

The Watchmaker’s Club Event Gets an Upgrade


Watchmakers Club at M restaurant London


We may have whetted your whistle last time with our announcement of precisely how the Watchmaker’s Club Evening on the 7th will work, but that’s just the start. Thanks to the efforts of Mr Brailsford and Ms Cheesewright, the events bigger than any of us could have anticipated, the least of which is expanding the roster to a grand total of fifteen brands.

That’s right, we’re upping the number by a solid 50%. If that were a case size it’d be unwearable now. As it is, M Restaurants have managed to make room for us by giving the evening two full floors, including their members’ area.

Said members’ area will play host to the best of British independents – as well as a few select international brands – complete with its own bar. Don’t worry, there’s another bar upstairs too. The worst that could happen is we run dry.

As ever there will be no big display cabinets. None at all. This isn’t Basel where only the upper echelons may ever dream of touching the watches. This is the Watchmaker’s Club, where getting up close and personal with a Transaxial tourbillon is par for the course.


It’s an informal approach for sure, but one that we feel makes one hell of a difference. It puts everyone on a level playing field; we’re not the kind of people that think price is the be all and end all. It takes just as much effort to make a fine watch at a decent price as it does a horological masterpiece. Different skills of course, but one isn’t innately better than another.

That pantheon of brands includes watchmakers from Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and, of course, the UK. It’s the first time some of them have ever exhibited here, including Dornbluth, who you can read a little more on here.

It follows that there will be a serious supply of cool watches to be seen. Czapek & Cie will be showing off their new Chronograph (about time) and the biggest addition to our little crew, Faberge, will be bringing along a few versions of their awesome Visionnaire. Expect new launches from Lonville and a few others too.




That’s a lot to take in, I know. That’s why we’ll actually be running not just two floors but two sessions. Starting at … the afternoon session will be a more chilled-out affair. Brands can invite who they want, and we’ll be getting a few press along there too. It’s more a professional event than a collector’s one but if you want to come along just let us know. We can always make room for some serious aficionados.

The second slot is the main event, the alcohol-laced, watch-obsessed, steak-tasting Watchmaker’s Club Evening proper. Things kick off at … and go on until late. Exactly when can vary, but if you can no longer see myself or Mr. Brailsford with a drink in hand, it’s probably time to go. Chat to the watchmakers, handle their pieces and enjoy good food, good drink and good company.

What else could a watch lover ask for?


Date: Wed 7th November

Location: M Restaurant, 2&3 Threadneedle Walk, 60 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8HP

Times: 15:00–18:00 and 18:30–22.30 (drinks and canapés)


Confirmed Brands:



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