The story behind the Vault Swiss V1 BLACK STEEL “electric blue”

Vault Swiss v1 black dlc watch

After presenting their very first watches at Baselworld 2018, VAULT has teamed up with master artisan and custom watch strap creator Mirea Marian, RC-Tritec and Ecoparts to create the “electric blue” V1.

The “eb” V1`s inception was back in 2014 where during a design briefing Philippe Schmid, VAULT`s resident engineer, expressed his vision of the perfect V1. Or in other words what he wanted to feel when wearing the “eb” V1: A full moon illuminating the cold, electric blue waves, crashing into the dark sharp-edged cliffs of a Nordic fjord.

The picture stuck in the heads of the team for years so in 2018 it was time to infuse the V1 with the Nordic sea.

Vaukt Swiss

The spectacular ostrich leg leather strap was the perfect choice to create the illusion of cold icy water colliding with the black steel case symbolically standing for the dark fjord cliffs. Just like the froth of a wave the structure of the strap builds up before meeting the sides of the V1 case while colour matching “water” splashes onto the 12 minute markers placed in the CNC machined aluminium rehaut placed inside the watch.

Creating the strap was far from easy and required a complete redesign of both the strap and the insert which links it to the case. For maximum strength and lightness, the inserts were re-engineered and created out of grade 5 titanium with the help of Ecoparts, a Swiss company specialised in additive manufacturing, after which Mirea Marian skillfully combined all the parts to create a masterpiece on its own.

Staying true to Philippe`s envisioned landscape, the mentioned minute markers are filled with a bespoke SUPER-LUMINOVA composite created by our partner RC-Tritec which let them glow just like the moon illuminates the dark Nordic sea.

Vault swiss V1 Balck Steel watch

All in all the V1 BLACK STEEL “electric blue” is a spectacular watch with an incredible wrist presence and the only way to carry a fjord cliff on your wrist – at least in your imagination.

VAULT V1 BLACK STEEL “electric blue”


4 part case

Black coated steel

39mm Width

46.7mm Length

15mm Thickness

Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Solid case back in black coated steel.

Titanium screws with signature VAULT screw head profile


V01 automatic movement (exclusively made for VAULT by Uhrteil AG)

Inertia regulated balance wheel

Power reserve: ca. 50 hours

Frequency: 21`600 vph


The stunning V1 required a completely new approach in terms of the dial. We have created the first fully adjustable dial called the HOUR GEAR TRANSMISSION (HGT) The mechanically sophisticated HGT features 36 cogwheels and is designed so that its numbers never appear upside down, resulting in a simple to read dial.


CNC machined aluminum rehaut with a clear anodized treatment fitted with 12 minute marker tubes filled with SUPER-LUMINOVA in our signature “electric blue” colour.


Ostrich leg leather strap and titanium insert exclusively made for VAULT in our signature “electric blue” colour featuring a black coated titanium pin buckle.

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