Handcrafted Horology – The Garrick Watchmakers S3

Garrick Watchmakers S3

The S3 handmade English watch by Garrick Watchmakers


Times are terrifying right now, especially if you’re a small workshop trying to make ends meet. The watchmaking world is on a knife-edge, and the softly softly approach is one every independent brand seems to be employing. Well, almost every. British watchmaker Garrick, stubborn as ever, is instead forging on as ever; more than ever, in fact, with the superlative new Garrick S3.

The S1 model back in 2018 was Garrick’s horological manifesto, a statement of intent to show what they could do. openworked to show the in-house movement contained inside the classical, nautical-inspired case. Then came the S2, a timepiece that used the same quality of mechanism, but with incredible engine-turned dials and chapter rings and indexes made from a single piece of blued steel.

The Garrick S3 takes the defining features of both previous watches and brings them together in a singular watch. On the one hand you have the openworked nature of the S1; on the other indexes, chapter ring and even small seconds and power reserve indicators all made from a continuous piece of thermally-blued steel.

handmade English watch with a skeleton dial by Garrick watchmakers

There are differences of course. The S3’s mainplate is a new design compared to the S1, a neater, thinner and altogether more haute horology appearance. It’s enough work that the S3 houses a brand new calibre: the  UT-GO4.

The entire movement – bar the balance wheel sat front and centre – is in tones of silver and matte grey. It’s a restraint of finishing that allows the blue steel to stand out nicely and not let the thin pieces of metal get lost amongst the movement. In short, it’s aesthetically technical but still readable.

A good part of those polished components, however, aren’t steel but Sircurmet, Garrick’s own non-magnetic answer to the plethora of new watchmaking materials popping up all over the place. They’re then black-polished for an incredible mirror sheen. The rest of the movement is rhodium-plated and hand-frosted, because by this point, why the hell not?

S3 British watch movement by Garrick

Needless to say, if the S3 were to be built by one of the big Swiss watchmaking houses it would be a rarefied creation, a limited edition for sure. Garrick being a little workshop in Norfolk, you can expect to see only five of these per year, rare by any standards.

Prices start at 24k and the S3 is available in either white gold or stainless steel and, if you fancy, has a couple of little bespoke options to choose from like a personalised nameplate or stripping off the Garrick branding on the dial. I’m sure there are other options too – there always are with Garrick.

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