Horological Society of New York – 300 Years of Watchmaking Experience

Let’s say you’ve already had your International Watchmaking Seminar and you’ve caught the horological bug. Dabbling won’t do it any more, you want to dive headfirst into the intricacies of balance springs and escapements that is fine watchmaking. If that’s you then you could do far worse as a tutor than the world’s oldest horological institutes.

Horological society of New York

Founded in 1866, the Horological Society of New York can almost be considered ancient. It’s been the leading light of watchmaking across the pond for over 150 years and has done its best to bring many prospective watch obsessives to said light with its travelling seminars.

In fact, you could consider them the most important English-speaking watchmaking institution in the world… if it weren’t for our own British Horological Institute, who just celebrated their 161st birthday on June 15th (the second most important birthday on that day; thanks for remembering). This isn’t about putting the yanks in their place however; this is about both the HSNY and BHI coming together for one hell of a masterclass.

This will be the HSNY’s first trip across the pond with their travelling teaching show and as such they’re enlisting some home turf help. Vincent Robert, HSNY Director of Traveling Education, will be joined in his usual seminar by a BHI instructor, bringing a combined 300 years of expertise to bear on an unsuspecting group of would-be watchmakers.

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The course will cover the basics of movement mechanics, gear training, and winding and setting, along with all the accepted nomenclature and terminology used by the professionals. Over the course of four hours you’ll be guided through the disassembly and reassembly of an ETA 6497 movement, being taught exactly how and why the thing actually works.

No prior experience is necessary, however, you can expect this to be a seriously in-depth experience. You’ll probably want to brush up a little beforehand rather than going in completely blind; it’ definitely one for dedicated enthusiasts.

Courses will run on 31st August and September 1st with multiple sessions each day. Classes are small so you can expect them to be booked up pretty quickly. Admission of $500, the profits from which will go directly back to HSNY’s educational program. Which is nice.

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