The first fully engraved GoS watch – Sarek Trollius

The First Fully-Engraved GoS

GoS watches Sarek Trollius

After the success of their Glacier and Sunset pieces– you may have spotted their pastels at the recent watchmaker’s club event – GoS is somehow upping the finishing ante. This time however, rather than sub-layers of coloured lume, the watchmaker is offering something a little more in keeping with their Norse inspirations.

The Sarek Trollius is a stunning watch. It shares the same shape and DNA as the standard Sarek, GoS’s 2016-launched flagship, but with a fair few aesthetic differences. It shares the waterway-inspired dials, but this time the entire case has been engraved with scrolling reminiscent of the Trollius Flower. It’s basically a rounded buttercup.

GoS watches Sarek Trollius

While bright yellow might be a bit too much for a watch with a Viking heritage, some of that vibrant colour has been introduced in yellow gold pins on both case and dial, as well as those GoS signature spearhead hands.

Both full case engraving and gold pins are elements you may or may not be familiar with from premium knifemaking. I was not, but it’s hard to deny that they make for an incredible watch. The watchmaker that collaborated on the Sarek Trollius is Swede Anders Hedlund, widely regarded as one of the best knifemakers in the world.

It must have been pretty interesting for him to collaborate with GoS, given that the watchmaker is already a partnership between horologist and Damascus steel blade specialist. It’s kind of impressive the new Sarek isn’t more knife than watch. What it is though is damn impressive.

GoS watches Sarek Trollius

The brand’s own Damascus steel – courtesy of Johan Gustafsson – is still the focal point of the dial and makes an appearance on the movement side too via the rotor. The ever-appealing wildflower pattern is unique to each watch and, in a wider sense, to GoS. The waves make an exceptional contrast to the matte brightness of the newer gold elements.

Inside is a serviceable, reliable Soprod A10 movement that, other than the custom triskele rotor, has been left relatively unchanged. It doesn’t really need to be; there’s more than enough going on across the rest of the watch.

In essence, the Sarek Trollius is an evolution of everything GoS has been doing up to this point. Utilising their signature watch, it leans on the brand’s traditional blademaking heritage by bringing in an engraver from the same field. If previous watches have been the horological equivalent of Norse weapons, the Trollius is goddam Mjolnir.