Singer Reimagined X GoS Watches at Only Watch 2019

Singer Reimagined X GoS Watches at Only Watch 2019

The Singer Re imagined Track 1 watch for Only Watch in collaboration with GoS

I always look forward to Only Watch. Sure it’s a charity auction, but it’s also a chance for some of the world’s biggest watchmakers to flex their horological muscles and keep their own collectors frothing at the mouth. Just keep an eye on Patek each edition to see how fevered a pitch things can get.

This year, however, slipping almost under the radar among the likes of Audemars Piguet, Tudor, Hublot and the like, was a pair of seriously cool independent brands working together on a watch I’m hoping kills it when it goes under the hammer.

The first of the two is Singer Reimagined who by this point need little in the way of an introduction. Their Track 1 is an incredible success story, with each new edition disappearing as quickly as its announced. Hell, they’ll soon be launching a bricks and mortar space at Phillips Perpetual, the auction house’s new boutique offering.

Singer chronograph watch movement

Between the cool, vintage racing style and the Agenhor-made movement, the AgenGraphe, it’s not too hard to see why it’s on every independent collector’s wish list. The unique display with the chronograph in the centre and the local time read off rotating rings at 6 o’clock, makes for a nice twist on the dull sports chrono template we’ve gotten used to.

For Only Watch, however, Singer Reimagined enlisted another watchmaker to add yet another twist to their flagship creation: GoS Watches.

If you’ve been following what GoS do, you can already make an educated guess as to what the Track 1’s new twist was. I’ll give you a hint: it’s an ancient type of metalwork that makes some rather pretty knives.

Patrik Sjogren of GoS watches

“I met Singer’s Marco Borraccino” says GoS Watch’s Patrik Sjögren, “during the in-famous Schnitzel Dinner that Monochrome arrange for independent watchmakers during Baselworld. Marco is the designer and co-founder of the brand and he asked me if I would consider to participate in a collaboration for OnlyWatch.

“Before we even had met, I already thought that their Track1 case would be well suited to be manufactured in Damascus steel, unlike most other normal watch cases. So, we came up with the basis for the collaboration during that evening and after that we communicated via email and phone to discuss pattern choices of the steel and also the surface treatment.


“Earlier this year, I had made some tests with a true black PVD treatment on our damascus steel and I had found a way to maximize contrasts which a PVD coating normally camouflages. We both agreed that this would be the perfect fit with Marco´s design choices and the final design was set in April.”

So a chance meeting, some dodgy schnitzel and a collaboration is born. If only everything was that easy. The result is a new version of the Track 1 with a stunning case, combining the visible, organic grain of Damascus steel with the pitch-black look of the Hong Kong edition. It’s a relatively small change in the grand scheme of things, but one that is sure to go down well with collectors when it goes on the auction block in November.

Better yet, it serves as a showcase for the GoS can do, not just with their signature metalwork but in treating it after. It’s sure to open up a few doors for the Scandi Vikings. So is Patrik happy with the result?

“Oh yes, our watch definitely will steal some of the spotlight during the worldwide tour of the collection.”

A more in-depth article to follow shortly.



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