Presenting The GoS Skadi

GoS Skadi

Skadi damascus steel watch by GoS

The weather outside may be frightful… but it’s nothing compared to a Scandinavian winter, where it’s generally around -2 degrees throughout December. In the day. Needless to say then the ancient Norse had a certain appreciation for the cold, enough that they deified it in the form of Skadi, the Goddess of Winter.

She represents strength, courage and endurance, everything a good Viking needs. She’s also known for her archery and her skiing, which combine to make the coolest Winter Olympic sport you’ll never see. She also happens to be the inspiration behind the latest release from GoS Watches.

The Skadi is essentially the culmination of everything GoS watches has achieved in the last year. It starts with the translucent mother-of-pearl dial that originally appeared on the Sarek Glacier, specifically the soft, icy blue version. What better sign of winter than that?

GoS Skadi damascus steel watch

The case, on the other hand, is a little more recent; in fact, until this watch, there was only one example of it: a black Damascus steel case. The metal was previously used on the unique piece created in collaboration with Singer Reimagined for Only Watch 2019 and made that watch what it is.

The metal is traditional Damascus steel made by master smith Johan Gustafsson; it’s then given a very particular PVD coating that still reveals the intricate patterns in the metal. It’s as cool and dark as a winter’s night.

As if that weren’t enough, Gustafsson has worked his metallurgy magic on the movement too. The bridges have been crafted from uncoloured Damascus steel, a stark, appealing contrast with the blued screws, bright winding wheels and the balance.

The Skadi by GoS watches

It’s a contrast too with the gold elements of the case, top and bottom, which have been created by yet another master craftsman, goldsmith Peter de Wit. He also set the blue sapphires in the indexes and crown for an icy gleam to match the dial – and the screws behind.

To round it all off, master knifemaker Anders Hedlund, who previously worked on the gloriously-intricate Sarek Trollius, has given an engraved once-over to both lugs and the movement, where you can see the brand’s signature Viking Knot in gold.

GoS has come a long way in the past couple of years, honing their very specific Nordic aesthetic and enlisting some serious craftsmen to help make it a reality. The Skadi isn’t just a celebration of winter, but of the last 12 months at GoS… here’s hoping we see something even more spectacular this time next year.






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