Moritz Grossmann making watch hands

Moritz Grossmann – Located in the watchmaking enclave of Glashütte, Moritz Grossmann, the man, crafted exceptional timepieces. The eponymous watchmaker was a key figure in the town of Glashütte, during the 19th century. His activities extended beyond watchmaking and included active participation in the local fire brigade, choir and the chamber of commerce.

Today, Moritz Grossmann, the Manufacture, is led by Christine Hutter. The moden-day brand crafts exquisite timepieces for the delectation of purists. Respectful of the legacy left by Herr Grossmann, the company of today continues to employ no-compromise construction methods and imbues each watch with a high quotient of craftsmanship.

The company’s collection of models is extensive, from simple two-hand watches to über-complicated tourbillons featuring innovative features. Each timepiece is suffused with peerless craftsmanship, including a hand-engraved ⅔ plate, raised gold chatons, featuring brown-violet annealed pan-head screws, and a lovingly engraved balance cock. There are no concessions to expedience, everything is the glorious outcome of protracted watchmaking

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