Michael Clerizo Interviews Master Watchmaker Andreas Strehler

Interviewing a great watchmaker is always a tricky proposition.  Should questions focus on technical matters and risk answers so steeped in the minutiae of the craft that only other watchmakers understand what is said? Or, does the questioner zero in on business issues a topic that might not interest anyone including the watchmaker?

In my interview with Andreas Strehler, at last months Watchmakers Club event in London, my aim was to touch on some technical issues but also to go beyond them. To ask Andreas why he had created certain watches, to have him explain his past statements from the past and to determine if there were any overarching principles influencing his approach to watchmaking.  I hope I succeeded.  You be the judge.

Andreas Strehler is legendary in the field of watchmaking. He is often described as the ‘Engineer for the brands’ having created an impressive body of work, including the H. Moser & Cie Perpetual One, the Harry Winston Opus 7, the Maître du Temps Chapter 3 and the Maurice Lacroix Le Chronographe.

While his skills are in demand by watchmaking brands around the globe, Andreas Strehler has also gained a reputation for timepieces bearing his own illustrious name. His Sauterelle à lune perpétuelle redefined the moon phase, delivering accuracy to approximately 2.045 million years and securing a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Michael Clerizo


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