Mark Schwarz

Mark Schwarz


Mark’s career has progressed from skilled tradesman to a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and senior positions in the financial sector, via six years as a serving police officer in Switzerland, during which time he faced life and death situations.These experiences nurtured his clear understanding both that we should cherish the time we have and that life should be an expression of what we are most passionate about.

Combining his strong belief that time is extremely precious with a fascination with watches dating back to his childhood, Mark founded the horological start up, VAULT in 2013. After achieving notable success in the Swiss Venture Kick competition, Mark has established both firm collaborative links with the ZHAW and Uhrteil AG (Andreas Sterhler`s company) and a growing presence among niche watch companies and global watch collectors.


Designation: FOUNDER

Member since: 2017

Nationality: Swiss

Born: 1983

Phone: +41 (0)79 306 77 20


Mark Schwarz

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