Lonville watches

Lonville Watches – In 1873, Johann Kottmann established an ebauche-company in the Swiss village of Langendorf. It was this location which provided the inspiration for the eponymously named Langendorf Watch Company. During the 19th century this firm became ‘one of the largest watch and clock factories in the world with some 800 – 1000 workers.’

After the sad demise of Johann Kottmann, Lucien Tieche assumed control of the company. Tieche started to produce both Langendorf and Lonville branded watches alongside the original movement manufacture.

Lonville is the French name of Langendorf and was chosen because it portrayed an alternative image to the German-sounding Langendorf. Lonville continued to flourish until the early 1950s when the brand sadly disappeared from view.

In 2007, Joost Vreeswijk discovered the Lonville brand during an online auction, where he purchased an early 20th century pocket watch bearing the Lonville name. It was this discovery which led Vreeswijk to embark on a journey to rekindle the Lonville brand.

Vreeswijk, along with his fellow investors, has not cynically reproduced watches from the past, but chosen to design timepieces that are very much part of the present-day. Throughout the brand’s collection there is a palpable sense of elegance. Many of the company’s timepieces reference the automotive world with delightful features such as the ‘fuel tank’ power reserve indicator. Models are also produced in limited numbers ensuring a high degree of exclusivity.