Lockdown Launch: the Endatto C2V1

Lockdown Launch: the Endatto C2V1

Endatto 2cv1 watch

Let’s not beat around the bush, the pandemic has been hard. Socially, it’s been one of the hardest things we’ve ever faced, and not just because the pubs have been shut – though personally that’s hit me pretty hard. Isolation, furlough, the crippling of everyday life… it’s not been fun.

But even a globe-trotting death virus can’t keep a good brand down and that’s doubly true when it comes to independent watchmakers, who have been using this downtime to flex their creative muscles. Lockdown? No, it’s just a prolonged design workshop.

Just look at creators of accessible Swiss timepieces Endatto. They launched their Premier collection back in June, right when we here in the UK at least were still stuck inside. Now they’re forging ahead with their newest timepiece, the C2V1.

Endatto Swiss made watches

In many ways, the new watch is a logical progression for Endatto. The C1V1 laid down the classical case shape and versatile 39mm size, paired with an intriguing laser-etched sandwich dial. The C1V2 pared things down a bit, laser-etching only half the dial and opting for more minimal indexes.

Now, the C2V1 opts for a deceptively simple blue fumé, designed to reflect Endatto’s Stateside routes and imitate the night sky over Phoenix. I’ve not been there myself, but the midnight blue is beautiful, heading to black around the edges. The indexes have been filled in from the C1V2 and the minute track has been stripped back for a dressier look.

The only interruption is the date window at 3 o’clock and while I personally would like to see a version without (I’m thinking Moser levels of minimalism) it’s still a useful little addition. What’s also useful – for your wallet at least – is the price.

Endatto describe themselves as attainable, Swiss-made luxury and in their previous watches they’ve shown that to be true, with both previous watches priced at $1,200. That’s decent for any well-made timepiece, but one equipped with a solid ETA 2824-2 calibre, complete with all the Cotes de Geneve your heart could desire, and a custom rotor it’s incredibly impressive. It’s a price that’s also been repeated for the C2V1.

Endatto C2V wristwatch

There are a few other quality-of-life aspects to the watch too, such as the quick change strap (something that every watch should have by rights), plenty of SuperLuminova and a daily wear water-resistance of 50m.

All in all, the Endatto C2V1 is a solid watch for a solid price, but it also highlights a glimmer of hope in amongst all the doom and gloom: that independent watchmakers are, pardon my French, getting shit done. Sure, lockdown has been hard and sure, it’ll be hard still for a while yet. But when we get to the other side, independent brands like Endatto et al will have a serious head start.

And if this is anything to go by, some very nice watches, too.