Frederique Constant worldtimer watch

Watch Photography – How To Photograph A Watch Part 1 by Rob baggs

Watch Photography – How To Photograph A watch Part 1 Where once dream watches were gazed at through a window of an affluent jeweller after they paused a commute, they now pause a finger’s relentless scrolling. It’s a shame in many ways but empowering in many others. Never have brands of all sizes and horological …

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Swiss watch brand Eqvis Watches

Eqvis Watches – Its All About Customisation

The Changing Face Of The Eqvis Varius What man doesn’t love a bit of tinkering? Cars, watches, putting up the occasional shelf, nothing beats the feeling of taking apart and putting back together something with your bare hands. It’s like age-appropriate lego. It’s part of what makes watches so fascinating, knowing that someone, somewhere, probably in …

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watchmakers club at SalonQP

Why Independent Watch Brands Matter

Independent Watch Brands – Creativity, Transparency and Independence by Sam Kessler Independence is important; everyone from a surly teenager to the USA circa 1975 knows that. Going solo, beholden to no one, blazing your own trail… it all sounds very romantic in a man vs world kind of way. It’s even trickled into watchmaking. Well, more …

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Moritz Grossmann gear wheels

Moritz Grossmann – Attention To Detail And Expert Finishing

The Soul of Moritz Grossmann Expert Finishing – by Robin Young A key feature of Moritz Grossmann watches is the unbelievable finishing.  I can’t lie – other watch brands do make gorgeous watches.  But we try to make sure there is no better finish than ours.  Philippe Dufour has endorsed our finishing as one of …

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Christiaan ven der Klaauw and Van Kleef collaboration

Christiaan Van Der Klaauw – Masters Of The Planetarium

Christiaan Van Der Klaauw – Masters Of the Planetarium Some watchmakers are simply inseparable from the one thing they’re known for. Piaget: ultra-thin watches. Richard Mille: paradoxically ultra-light giants. Rolex: well… just being Rolex I guess. For Christiaan Van Der Klaauw, that core speciality is one of the most complicated mechanisms in watchmaking: the Planetarium. …

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The Väring watch by GoS watches

Viking Heritage – The New Väring Timepiece From GoS

The Väring Timepiece Sweden’s exported many things to British shores over the years: flat pack furniture, indestructible mobile phones and raiding Vikings. One of these is not like the others which is a good thing; if GoS watches decided to take after Nokia or Ikea we’d have a fan inferior watch on our wrists here. Cheap …

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The S1 skeleton watch made in England by Garrick

Presenting The Garrick S1 – Limited To Only 10 Pieces

The Garrick S1 For better or worse Garrick is inextricably linked with classical British watchmaking. For me that’s firmly better rather than worse as I’m a sucker for understatement. But that’s also just what comes of obsessively finishing every surface to the level of an old Swiss artisan in his Alpine workshop. One follows the …

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