Announcing The Watchmakers Club London Collectors Event – November 7th 2018

The Event You’ve All Been Waiting For


The Watchmakers Club London Independent Brand Event  – Come along and meet the makers!


Watchmakers Club at M Restaurant London


We know you’ve been on tenterhooks. God knows we’ve been teasing it enough. Now, after weeks, months of build-up we can finally reveal what with no hyperbole is going to be the UK independent watch event of the year – this year’s Watchmaker’s Club Event. It’s the only event where you can get up close and personal with the watches themselves and talk to the owners, makers and collectors. No glass cases, just open, accessible haute horology.

It’s all happening on the 7th November.



For one, we’ve changed location once again. There was nothing wrong with The Library, last year and it served it’s purpose. Now we’re bigger and better than ever we’ve ascended to the heights of M Restaurant on Threadneedle Street, just off the famous Royal Exchange. If you’ve had the pleasure of eating there at some point, you’ll know you’re in for some seriously good steak – cuts you’ll be able to sample in a carnivore’s wet dream of a tasting session. The WMC event will be held in the private member’s area.


M Club London



Two sessions

It’s not just the location that’s changed either. This year we’re organising things a little differently, with two separate sessions throughout the day. The first will start nice and early at around 3pm for guests of the attending brands. It’ll be a little more businessy, a bit more press-led. Come 6:30 though things will kick into gear. Think cocktails, canapes and collectors. It’s invite only so keep an eye on your emails; this is the session you’ll want to get yourself to.

So other than good food, good drinks and good company, what’s there to see? That kind of goes without saying: some damn good watches.


The Brands

It’s the first time since Baselworld you’ll be able to get up close and personal with Andreas Strehler’s phenomenal Transaxial Tourbillon, Garrick’s breakout S1 and Pinion’s new GMT. For the first time Cyrus will also be joining the fray with their own black and gold tourbillon. That last it worth attending by itself.

Pinion and Lonville will also be launching some brand new pieces but it would spoil the surprise to mention them here. We have to keep at least some semblance of secrecy around the event. We might be transparent in our approach to watchmaking but that doesn’t stop a need for showmanship.

Watchmakers Club event at M restaurant


There will be plenty more to see – we have a grand total of twelve brands attending (more may follow) – but we’ll be letting you know more details nearer the time. For now, expect some cool watches from Czapek & Cie, Fears, Carl Suchy & Sohne, GoS, Vault Swiss, Moritz Grossmann and Qlocktwo.

As you can see, it’s a good range. Heritage brands? Check. Contemporary innovators? Check. Timepieces ranging from affordable reliability to serious haute horology? Check on both fronts. Where else can you get up close to superb watches and have a drink with the people behind the brand?!

In short, this will be the best Watchmaker’s Club event yet. If you’re lucky enough to get an invite, we look forward to seeing you there. Canapes and cocktails all round!

Places are limited so register now!

Confirmed Brands:


  • Andreas Strehler
  • Carl Suchy & Sohne
  • Cyrus
  • Czapek
  • Dornblüth & Sohn
  • Fabergé
  • Fears
  • Garrick
  • GoS
  • Lonville
  • Moritz Grossmann
  • Pinion
  • Qlocktwo
  • Vault Swiss
  • Vertex



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Watchmakers Club 2018 collectors event

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